Gear Maintenance & Troubleshooting Training Course

Don't miss the first 2018 session of DELIVERING THE DIFFERENCE: Gear Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training Course at the Horsburgh & Scott headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why Attend?

Horsburgh & Scott has over 130 years of engineering expertise in the world’s most advanced high torque, large gear drive systems.

Our trainers have created an exciting new curriculum for head-of-maintenance staff. This year’s Gear School will feature hands-on, practical learning from the experts in the industry.


  • Potential Causes of Concern
  • Inspecting Tooth Face Contact and Isolating Causes for Improper Contact
  • Troubleshooting Surface Distress On Gear & Pinion Teeth including Contributing Factors
  • Isolating the Causes of Elevated Noise Levels in Drives
  • Trouble Shooting Temperature Variables in Drives
  • How to Inspect Bearings, End Plays and Float
  • Understanding Backlash
  • Identifying Oil Leaks and Root Cause
  • Gear Theory and Calculations

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